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About Gbenga

Gbenga Asedeko is a dynamic and enthusiastic motivational speaker, author, coach, and entrepreneur. He earned a BA in accounting and an MBA from the University of Texas at El Paso. Gbenga has served the city of El Paso, colleges, and universities, Sodexho Food Services, Spira Shoes, the county of El Paso, the real estate industry, and school districts across Texas.


“The “Winning Strategies” is a must for everybody in a leadership position. If you want to make a
difference and impact the people in your life, this is the way. Gbenga delivers a clear and a
powerful message on leadership and on relationships.”

Hector Munoz, Director, Recreational Sports, the University of Texas at El Paso

“Your presentation was very informative, and it sparked interest in our members as well as
myself and I believe it is an asset to the El Paso community.”

Bob Snead President and CEO El Paso Black Chamber of Commerce

“Your presentation helped make our program successful beyond expectation. Feedback from the students after the session was uniformly positive.”

Charles Ambler, Dean of Graduate School, UT El Paso

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